Expertise: Dispose of its own procedures of essays, established with conformity on each case requirement, the international rules and the particular requirements of each customer.

Comprehensive service: Without the clients having to wonder about nothing else than make their equipments arrive into Virlab facility and pick them up after the essays.

Experience: Forty years of continuous experience. More than 2200 tested equipments during this period.

The Virlab productive process is characterized for the maximum customer care in each one of its steps:

  • Preparation of the offer.
  • Reception of the order.
  • Study of the essay and preparation of essay procedure if required.
  • Reception of equipment to test.
  • Assembly of the tested equipment and all the devices required for the essay.
  • Execution of the essay and data collection
  • Prepare the tables for all the information that will contain the report: of accelerometers, equipments and calibrations, photos, monitored channels…
  • Elaborate the report with all the results (and the certificate of conformity if required) and deliver to the customer.
  • Preparation of the equipment to be available for the customer.