Urbar Ingenieros

Urbar began his activity back in 1948, been foundered in 1953. Nowadays it has a wide experience in the development and manufacture of vibrating equipments as well as in the determination and solution for all kind of vibration related problems presented over the industry.

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Since 1991, METROCOMPOST focus his activities in providing solutions of recycling for our society. METROCOMPOST is one of the companies more experienced in the design and construction of recovery plants

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It is the result of acquired experience through Urbar since the years 50’s and lately since 1976, in the own Laboratory.

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URBAR GROUP We have long international travel used to work with first rank companies

Essays laboratory

The essays laboratory is accredited by the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC)

Over than one thousand essay equipments allow us to offer a first rate service, as for the essay execution, as for engineer of qualification.


Accreditation recognized by countries like France, England, Germany, United States, Canada, China, Japan, and through the EA, “European Cooperation for Accreditation”.

Officially approved by the Grupo de Garantía de Calidad de Propietarios de Centrales Nucleares Españolas.

Specialized staff

Our specific task of engineering and consultancy is carried out at our facilties in north of Spain.

The URBAR staff is composed by 76 people, for those who 25% are qualified advanced technician with a high specialization and experience designing vibrating equipments.

Recycling and recovery

The treatments of residues use to present an important problem: heterogeneity of the product, as for size and shape, as for seasonality and origin.

In URBAR we design our own equipments, adapting them to the processes of treatment.